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Articles 2019 English

Again conditioning (April 12)

Do pigeons in Russia and France also listen when the fancier says ‘come come?’ my grandson asked. ' How come your babies trap so well and why do you never show your racers their partners?, a clubmate asked.

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That is what they said (4 april)

If you have been racing pigeons and writing about pigeons for nearly half a century it stands to reason that you become familiar with numerous champions of all kinds. And, of course, you hear interesting statements that remain in your memory.

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Just like soccer? (March 25th)

Many pigeon fanciers also like soccer. And they also agree that the money that is going on in soccer is just insane. ‘Crazy’ is also my idea about a salary of 300,000 euros

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Good and bad, right and wrong (March 8)

I am the last person to claim that I know all about pigeons. But nearly half a century successful racing gives me a right to speak and is a guarantee that it is not all nonsense I will say. That's why I dare give my opinion about a number of themes in our sport.

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Tips 2 (19 Febr)

In this article again some advice that might be useful. If there is only one that is of any use, you did not waste your time reading it.


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Tips (Febr 8)

In my club I was the first who used the internet, to-day everybody is familiar with it.

Fanciers check when the birds are released on race day, they check the weather, in winter sales of vouchers and more and more they look at the results.

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Musings (30 Jan)

- The Dutch champion had had a very good year again. Many good racers and many good breeders? Hmm. ‘Will you not get too many babies?’ I asked him. ‘This maybe a problem indeed’, he said.

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Memories from abroad (Jan 8th)

Who has not experienced things in his life that he will never forget?

They may be the craziest things and they differ from one person to the other.

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