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Still opportunities

Still opportunities

 Just bizarre how much money is paid these days for pigeons. When last year National Aces in Belgium were sold for 400,000 and 500,000 euros there was disbelief. But those amounts turned out to be correct. ‘This is the limit’ everybody thought.

But it was not. Some weeks ago one single pigeon was sold for 3 million USD. Is this a reason to become desperate? Not at all.


For 1,000 euros you have a better watch than for 50 euros.

For 50,000 euros you have a better car than for 15,000 euros.

But his logic is not applicable for pigeonsport. In this sport there is seldom a relevance between price and quality.


Both in Holland and Belgium vouchers for a young bird (or a couple of eggs) from champions are offered by many clubs in winter. The highest bidder can pick up the bird that still has to be bred. The money is for the club.

Cools and Smolders, both super stars in the sprint races, only bought vouchers in the past for little money. And that is the good thing about those vouchers. Prices are very reasonable in most cases.

There are examples of champion racers that charge 500 euros for a baby or more but whose vouchers were sold for about 100 euros.


My club has also a sale of vouchers running till January 6th . The bids on some vouchers of real good fanciers are very low.

 Look at: >  click > ‘Bekijk hier de lopende veilingen’ >

click > Bonnenverkoop P V de Valk Baarle Nassau.


On you also find very interesting vouchers with a low bid so far.




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Recent results

In my blog I kept visitors informed about my results every week. Here follows a summary in English in which I want to draw your attention to the stunning prize percentage of the birds in my Belgian loft. This is in a very large area. Fanciers of more than 30 clubs can participate. .  

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In perspective (Nov 26)


Just bizarre how much money, especially easterners, pay for youngsters that have not proven anything yet. We saw that once more at the auction of Golden Ten this year. When the Dutch and the Belgians stopped bidding, the Chinese took over.

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October: In this time (nov 6)

Although there are persistent rumours that it is fall I was sitting in the sun before the bay window in front of my loft. It was mid-October and October is a remarkable month

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Questions without answers (5 Nov)

 In the last century Doctor Stam was the best known ‘pigeon vet’ in the Netherlands. We got along very well. He was also one of the very few vets who himself played well. And ... He was one of the first who recognized the importance of synergies, especially in the ornithose complex

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Visitors (okt 8)

 My dislike for the phone and unannounced visits is not new, but dates from the years that not only me, but the family as well could not handle it any more.

Those visits were pigeon fanciers of course who all thought that they were the only ones. Couldn’t they, the heck, announce themselves, I often asked myself.


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Ace pigeons, awards and more (se[t 17th)

Foreigners who think that National Acepigeons refer tot the best birds of the nation are absolutely wrong. The owners get an award indeed, and perhaps much money for the bird from Easterners but most probably there are better birds

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Fascinating (june 15th)

From non-fanciers, you sometimes hear how fascinated they are by racing pigeons. From several hundred kilometres how do they flawlessly find their way home?

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Once again (Juni 5)

 Jaak Nouwen is in his 80-ies but still a popular scribe. This long distance player is very sceptical about Internet sales. He does not blame the sellers but the naivety of the buyers and the sites that promote pigeons too aggressively.

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Another converstation or talking to myself (May 31)

Peter and I had a conversation about pigeons at the end of which he said: “it was great, you will have to do an article on it.” So, why not, I thought and decide to have a conversation with myself. I decided to ask myself questions and answer them

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Buyers of very expensive birds not THAT crazy (May 18th)

  Vandenabeele is one of those that practice artificial insemination. It is cheap, easy and it pays off. . When Willem de Bruyn once asked him how many babies from a single cock he could grow in one year he said: "As many as I want to ."

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Some informative stuff (May 16th)

When reading about champions we, fanciers, are interested in different things. One wants to ‘learn’ about feeding, the other about the loft, a third about medical care and so on

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The killing Virus

My last Update created quite a bit of correspondence. Most of this centred on fanciers wanting to know just when birds will become immune after vaccination. With the start of racing rapidly approaching and vaccine availability uncertain, fanciers have some difficult decisions to make.

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Every man has his own truth (May 9th 2018)


Listening to a large number of fanciers, among which some are top champions, there are two subjects that no one can be certain about.

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Why, why, why (april 13th)

That is the title of an old romantic song for people in their 70-ies or older.  Nothing for young people. Once, when my students were not eager to leave the play ground I put on this song very loudly. Within seconds they were all gone.

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