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Articles 2022 (English)

Young bird racing (part 2)

Successful pigeon sport includes more than a good loft, good pigeons, medical matters, feeding, training and so on! 

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Young bird racing (part 1)

From conversations with fanciers it appears that there is a lot of misunderstanding about the huge gap that some have created.

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Reflection (23-12-22)

Now that the days have become so much shorter, it makes sense to reflect on last year. What has 2022 brought? What can we learn from it? Relative for sure

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Time flies (20-12-22)

2022 is almost behind us. We are another year older. Well, "we". Getting older is not something to be taken for granted

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Ten little nig (12-12-22)

“Nig…” better not the complete word. With that 'n word' you can get into trouble. In this case I refer to a book from my childhood.


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Mostly suprises (08-12-22)

I got an app from a very happy Carlos. An 'A S pigeon' from him had won the 4th prize against more than 34,000 pigeons.

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Money 01-12-22

Willy Daniels has become a well-known name in pigeon sport. For several years he was by far the best in Belgium in the short long distance

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Scribbles from a layman (21-11-22)

Novice fanciers often want to know from more experienced sportsmen what they think about a number of medical matters

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Nice and good? (19-11-22)

In the past, when even the smallest village had one or more pigeon clubs, exhibitions were also popular.

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'Four supers' (17-11-22)

The courier had delivered the four youngsters to the Eastern European and the man was very pleased. 

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Still educational (15-11-22)

At the time of writing, several hundred Belgians cannot race with pigeons. Many have almost forgotten, but in 2020 it was only possible to officially start on June 13, after a few training flights. Both in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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The Trojan horse (11--11-22)

Trojan Horse (11-11-22)


When you read a report about an older champion, such as about Jan van Oeckel in the latest issue of De Duif, you often notice a certain nostalgia for old times. When we were still so many. The pure hobbyist with his small loft unfortunately disappears more and more from the sport.

There are several reasons for this. Fortunately, not all news in our sport is bad. For example, it has spread over the last quarter of a century over quite a few countries where it was previously unknown.



I sometimes get emails from fanciers from such an emerging pigeon country. Almost all of them have the following in common:
The mailers are almost all pedigree crazy, they worship certain fashion names as it were and they firmly believe that you can forget good performance if you do not regularly attack your pigeons with a large amount of medicine.

You know what I fear?

That they bring in a Trojan horse with the medicines.

Now it would not be certain that that horse ever existed. It could also have been a boat. There are also more and more doubts about the existence of Homerus. Several writers/poets would have appropriated that name.



But what is certain? By introducing mostly superfluous medicines, these people bring disaster into their lofts. Because it is especially natural for novice fanciers to indulge in excess. Or to cure for non-existent diseases.

Believe me: That 'medicine hassle' with healthy pigeons only leads to one and the same end station: The disillusionment !!!

So novice and ambitious fanicers:

Get up from that easy chair.

Kick that cat off your lap.

Open that window.

Throw that bottle with contents of which you don't even know what it is for with a firm arc out the window, but above all: Eliminate those one or two sick pigeons if the rest are healthy and stay away from those medicines with your fingers.

I heard a vet would not appreciate articles like this at all. No problem. We live in a free country where everyone can have their own opinion. Both you, him and me.



Why give medicine to pigeons that look so healthy?


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Turkey: Boy oh boy (31-10-22)

A demand from Turkey for some babies. Turkey? The first time ever a demand from that country. Never even emailed anyone before.

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Food for thought (28-10-22)

Jan may be well into his 80s, but he still likes pigeon sport and even wants to give it new impulses.

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My idea (15-10-22)

About this and the next article I have thought a little more than usual. Not so much about the content, but whether I would write them.

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