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Articles 2021 (English)

Silver (2) 31-12-2021

As you could read in previous article, the headline ('silver') refers to 25 years of writing articles. Also to 25 years of contacts with champions and what I learned in those years.

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Silver (25-12-2021)


2022 already? Like every year around this time, it will take some time getting used to it. Yes, how often do we tell each other that 'it' all goes so fast.

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Story with a moral (15-11-2021)

People can blame me a lot, but I'm not a sourpuss who makes problems about everything. When it rains, I'm glad it doesn't storm. When it storms I think 'it will pass'.

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Clever things 2 (13-11-2021)

Here are some tips that might help you. It is not advice because there are several roads to Rome and everyone decides for himself what he thinks is best and what he does

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Tricks (01-11-2021)

Sometimes you see things in fellow sportsmen that make you think 'hey, I didn't think of that myself.’ Or 'that's handy, I should remember.' A few examples.


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At this time (12-10-21)

In this time experienced fanciers sometimes get questions from novice fanciers (there are still there) what they can do to help the pigeons through the moult perfectly. The answer is astonishingly simple:

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My twelve commandments (01-10-21)

When some colleagues make a report on a champion, they sometimes have them list a dozen things that the champion considers vital to his success

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Biased? (23-09-21)

One of the most evocative pigeons of this century is ´Harry´ of Dutch Jan Hooymans. Few fanciers who will shrug their shoulders questioningly  when they hear or read this name. During life already a legend

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Fooled (21-09-21)

When money starts to play a bigger role, as in pigeon racing for a quarter of a century, people become more and more resourceful. At the time, it was a reason for Klak to create a 'blacklist'. That was a list of fanciers who could not buy pigeons from him any more because of disappointing experiences.

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Beware (08-09-21)

There are quite a few (great) champions who claim that they have already tried all supplements possible, but never did they see any improvement in condition

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Sometimes an answer (02-09-21)

No one has a monopoly on the ultimate pigeon wisdom. Not columnists, not champions, not vets

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Old or too old? (28-08-2021)

There are quite a few things in this sublunary that affect my mood and that I am not very good at. In particular:

-Trucks trying in vain to pass each other. With a huge void in front of them, behind it blinking and honking fellow motorists.

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Of everything (17-08-21)

Am I answering one of the emails of that day again or I am startled by noise in the street. When a car also stopped I wanted to know what was going on, I went forward, followed by my granddaughter of 14, and then we saw it too

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Pass or fail (06-07-21)

There are people who, when they buy pigeons somewhere, only have 'bad luck'. They fail with every bird that they import

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Handling young birds (15-05-2021)

How come your youngsters trap so well? Both after loft training and from the races? Why do you not "show" the partner when you basket birds before a race?

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