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Affinity and more

In the pigeon sports magazine De Duif of March 2016 there were interesting loft reports on young Bart Geerinckx and Dutch Nico Volkens. I know them both pretty well.

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I stay away

For decades, I could boast of having no problems at all with Adeno / Coli. My youngsters were always tight and vital, so real healthy. How different this was with fellow fanciers.

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Loft visits

There are many reasons why young pigeons go missing; the main reason being lack of health. One year, long way back, my young pigeons suffered from what is called ornithosis.

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At the start

For us in Holland and Belgium another season is about to start with several thousands of fanciers less and some full pros richer. What will the new season be?

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Do you understand (2)

In a previous episode, I was talking about incomprehensible things in our sport. Things that neither others nor me understand.  Is this a problem? On the contrary.

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Do you understand

If you write in pigeon magazines it is inevitable fanciers sometimes ask questions. Nothing wrong with it, as long as they do not expect too much from me.

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Yet again

"Duifke lacht” is a sympathetic pigeon newspaper with informative articles written by people who race well. Jaak Nouwen, Andre Roodhooft, Co Verbree are writers with a message.

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So strange

Never ever will I forget the problems I that I faced when raising babies long way back. The name of the problem was canker, trichomoniasis.

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A must or a waste?

In the Belgian pigeon magazine "De Duif" was a report on Mr. van Beers. He was described as the best of Germany in 2015.

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Good to know part 4

Preferably, always wear the same clothes when you work among the pigeons, and wear a cap.

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See what I mean

In my previous article I again emphasized how naive many fanciers are. I claimed that the good pigeons are NOT the monopoly of the great names. And again I wrote how relative strain, pedigree and family are.

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From abroad

Among the mails that I get there are pretty many from novices from abroad who have questions. And people that are new in the sport should be helped if possible, especially since they hear and read so much B. S. in their home country.

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Someone for whom I had great respect is Maurice Voets. A formidable fancier but above all a pleasant person.

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Useful and convenient

I'm actually pretty happy with where I live. Near forests, fields, scenic bike paths but at the same time barely a kilometer from the center. Also a good place to keep pigeons?

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Interestingly 2

This is a follow up of  "Striking (1)", since "interestingly" seems a more appropriate title. Poor me. My English is getting worse and worse, but anyway: Someone who writes columns experiences a lot  throughout the years.

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